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Our unconventional approach to development and design helps us to deliver
projects that are compelling additions to the communities in which we invest.
Tidewater is a real estate investment and development company that operates on the basis of authentic engagement throughout every aspect of our business. Our core principles are built on the foundation of being engaged members of the communities in which we operate. We seek to change the way development happens, by focusing on community outreach, engaging in transparent conversations, building authentic relationships, and emphasizing a triple bottom line approach that benefits people, planet, and profit. As stewards of the environment and community, we implement best practices of dynamic urbanism to ensure our investments and developments create lasting positive impact.

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We have built strong partnerships with a number of neighborhood nonprofits, residents, local businesses, and other champions of the neighborhood.  We continue to be as supportive as possible to the institutions and people that are critical to the fabric of the neighborhood and the lives of its residents.

Recently, we coordinated the deployment of an online education platform focused on Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM), Finance & Entrepreneurship, and Civic Education.  This program is focused on the youth in our neighborhood and is benefiting schools and community organizations in the Tenderloin. 

We’ve participated in countless meetings with local nonprofits and neighborhood stakeholders to understand how we can design a project that will be well received by the community. Our current proposal for the site is reflective of those conversations – and we look forward to further refining it as we seek input from additional members of the community.

The Hall is an innovative, interim-use project at 1028 Market Street. It features a curated collection of the city’s best food purveyors under one roof, uniting residents and visitors over fantastic food and drink, activating the iconic Market Street corridor, and providing an ideal venue for community engagement and culture building.
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